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Thank you, Leah Zacha

Quotes Leah, I just wanted to fill you in on our little girl Bella (SunGold's Liberty Belle). She's an absolute joy. She's now a year old, and only 3 lbs. She's so cute, cuddly, and sweet. She gets along great with our two cats, and loves to play with her older Chihuahua sister Dolly. Amazingly, she taught Dolly how to pee consistently on a puppy pad! I would recommend you as a breeder any day. She's very healthy, and exactly what I was looking for in a Chihuahua. Quotes
Sue and Paul
Satisfied Parents

Quotes Although we are still waiting for our 2 new babies to be ready to come to their new home, we are positive we made the right decision to go with SunGold and Leah! After having purchased our first chi from a pet store, we knew this time around to use a reputable breeder. I'm sure that Leah is a pretty busy person, but she always takes the time to answer all of our questions. She makes sure her pups are ready to leave... And my family has thoroughly enjoyed visiting her continually updated website! Leah, we can't wait for our new family members to arrive and we look forward to visiting your website in the years to come! Thank you so much for the time and care you put into your pups! Sue, Jeff, and kids Quotes
sue and jeff

Quotes Our little Sadie from Sungold is a delight. So sweet and so smart! Thanks for such a perfect pal, Leah! Quotes
Judy Wright

Quotes Hey Leah, Just wanted to pop in and post a comment letting everyone who reads this know I am beyond happy with my little merle man. He has such a gorgeous confirmation and I constantly get comments on his color and how handsome he is! He is getting smarter by the day too he knows all basic commands in english and german haha I thought it would be funny to have a schutzhund trained chihuahua minus the biting...... Quotes
Caitlin Footit
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