Franky Franky Charlie (re-named Franky) His first official photo. Although his birth name was a good name I decided to change it due to the fact that we had a beloved dog named Charlie for over 13 years and lost him to liver failure. 168350582 Charlie (re-named Franky) He's getting big. 168350584 Charlie (re-named Franky) What a cutie. 168350583 Charlie (re-named Franky) He's about ready to go to his new home now. 168350581 Franky (formerly Charlie) Franky's car ride to his new home. 168350045 Franky (formerly Charlie) This is how he wanted to travel to his new home. 168350656 Franky (formerly Charlie) The long car ride to his new home was exhausting. 168350580 Franky Checking out his new home. 168351152 Franky Well, so much for security. 168350344 Franky Sleeping like a baby. 168351151 Franky and Jax Franky's new friend Jax. Jax doesn't realize he is too big for Franky's bed so they decided to share. 168350345 Franky Halloween 2012 Happy Halloween 168350046 Franky Fall 2012 Ready for Fall 168350047 Franky waiting for Santa 2012 Santa's little helper. 170050068 Franky Christmas 2012 Franky is a tired little elf. 170050186 Franky 2012 The best present ever. 171739923 Franky 2013 Franky and his friends. Jax, Madie and Annabelle. 179929159 Franky 2013 Franky hanging out with Madie our foster from the Humane Society. 179929160 Franky 2013 Franky and Madie sitting for a photo shoot. 179929214 Nikki, Gracie & Stella On the Road! 185764030 Stella 185764031 Nikki 185764299 Gracie 185764436 Nikki, Gracie & Stella Nikki, Gracie & Stella with Chloe! The Brady Bunch.. 188735424 Hunny The 4th member of the Brady Bunch.. 196834508 Nikki, Gracie, Stella & Hunny Nikki, Gracie, Stella & Hunny with Chloe! The New Brady Bunch.. 197329298 Hunny Valentine's 2015 Hunny 197458902 Hunny Valentine's 2015 Hunny 197458903