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Leah Zacha * Osceola Indiana * 2 hours S/E of Chicago 

Chihuahuas are comical, entertaining, and loyal little dogs, absolutely brimming with personality – often a quirky and eccentric personality unmatched by any other breed. Other than that generalization, Chihuahuas are extremely variable. You can find individuals who are lively or placid. Bold or timid. Feisty or mellow. Confident or nervous. Stubborn or eager to please.  Chihuahuas do seem to recognize and prefer their own breed, so it's a great idea to keep two of them. They keep each other company when you're gone, they play together, clean each other's ears (Chihuahuas can be obsessive ear-lickers!), and keep each other warm by snuggling together. Chihuahuas adore warmth, oh, yes! They will seek out the tiniest sunspot in which to bask, and they tunnel under blankets and towels. You have to be careful whenever you sit down on your sofa or bed, as there could be a Chihuahua tucked under there! 

SunGold Chihuahuas are well cared for. We have been breeding quality puppies for over 25 years. My puppies are raised in a clean home with me and my family. They will come to you friendly, healthy, and paper trained. Your new puppy will come with a one-year health guarantee, 3 day vet check warranty, current vaccinations, and dewormed. All of our puppies are guaranteed to be in good health and free from visible signs of infection and contagious or communicable  diseases when purchased. We guarantee the puppy to be free of any life threatening congenital defects for one year from the date of birth. This warranty is put in writing and signed by breeder at the time of purchase. 

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  • "I adopted Gusta Wind from SunGold. She is the friendliest little girl and wants to meet all dogs, no matter their size. She loves people and has a wonderful personality. Gusta h..."
    Terrific Personality
  • "I was so happy with the tiny little guy I got from Leah, that I bought two more!! All three are beautiful and healthy Chihuahua's. After seeing mine, my daughter also has two ..."
    Connie Smith
  • "Hi Leah, Just wanted to let you know that Bodhi is growing like a weed. He is so outgoing I'm going to see if he would like doing agility training. He already likes doing tun..."
    Tracy & Dale
    Very Happy Chi Family

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